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Hello, my name is Blake Copenhaver aka apollo. The purpose of this wiki is to help you become a more competent user and eventually pass the LPIC-1 Linux administration exam. :!: Please be advised that all of my work here pertains to Debian-based Linux distributions unless otherwise noted.

A brief history of how it all went down

In late 2016 I was reintroduced to Linux by my good friend teatime after a long hiatus (I had run red-hat on an ancient machine in the early 2000's for a few years) and fell in love with Linux and the idea of open-source software all over again. The very first thing I did was start an IRC channel on called #Linux in the spring of 2017. This was mostly for the purpose of learning linux stuff from teatime and picking his brain. After this, I registered the domain and developed an interface to allow me to access my channel from any device without having to download software. Sometime later the idea occurred to me that it'd be cool to document my 'road to legitimacy' for personal reference in the future and that this effort might help others learn how to use Linux as well. Thus, I was motivated to create the .wiki subdomain, install DokuWiki on a VPS, and begin to add helpful information that I could quickly reference.

A message to contributors

For now, this is a solo project but I am absolutely open to the idea of collaborating. Come to #Linux on synirc and talk to apollo for information if you would like to help. All contributors would be credited in a fashion that suits you and me.

Help this wiki grow by adding correct, coherent information. Until more content is generated there isn't going to be a ton of categories to choose from. If you can think of a good category that your edit falls under; by all means add it. But for now, I'm trying to maintain 'tunnel vision' on creating content. Try not to worry too much about where everything should all be cataloged at this juncture. We can always retroactively restructure the information as it becomes necessary, or when it makes sense to do so. Check the syntax page before you make your first edit. Use interwiki links when applicable.


Links and pages dealing with basic shell commands and core functions that every user should know.

  • ls - the list command manual


History Lessons

Enlightening, mind-blowing history from the days of old is what you'll find on this list.

Linux News

Relevent news articles from around the world.


Drop sweet nuggets of wisdom pertaining to the almighty CMS platform that is Wordpress in the list below.


Show and tell why it works for you.


If you aren't sure where a something should go, just add a page to list below. (unintentional rhyme)

  • The comprehensive and ever-expanding list of jargon terms that is not very comprehensive at all (yet). ^_^

Internal-Use Namespace

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