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Welcome to the wiki! This is a wiki dedicated to anything relating to the Linux operating system.

A few quick thoughts on our new project

Below are a few categories. Help us grow by adding correct, coherent information. For a while, until we generate more content - there isn't going to be a ton of categories to choose from. If you can think of a good category that your edit falls under; by all means add it. But for now, lets just try to have 'tunnel vision' and add pages. Try not to worry too much about where it should all be cataloged at this juncture. We can always retroactively restructure the information as it becomes necessary, or when it makes sense to do so. Check the syntax page before you make your first edit. Use interwiki links when applicable.

Linux Basics

Here is a place to add pages dealing with basic shell commands that for the most part, are universal to all Linux distributions.


History Lessons

Enlightening, mind-blowing history from the days of old is what you'll find on this list.

Linux News

Relevent news articles from around the world.


Drop sweet nuggets of wisdom pertaining to the almighty CMS platform that is Wordpress in the list below.


Show and tell why it works for you.


If you aren't sure where a something should go, just add a page to list below. (unintentional rhyme)

  • The comprehensive and ever-expanding list of jargon terms that is not very comprehensive at all (yet). ^_^
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