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Welcome to the linux-ch.at wiki! Below are a few categories. Help us grow by adding correct, coherent information. For a while, until we generate more content - there isn't going to be a ton of categories to choose from. If you can think of a good category that your edit falls under; by all means add it. But for now, lets just try to have 'tunnel vision' and add pages. Try not to worry too much about where it should all be cataloged at this juncture. We can always retroactively restructure the information as it becomes necessary, or when it makes sense to do so. Check the syntax page before you make your edits to make sure everything is properly formatted and use interwiki links where ever they are applicable.


Here we have some man pages with layman explainations added in.

  • tmux - A very useful program called a multiplexer. Manage multiple sessions in the same window.
  • scp and rsync - Used for moving your files and directories to and from on your local machine to remote machines.


Drop sweet nuggets of wisdom pertaining to the almighty CMS platform that is Wordpress in the list below.


Shell commands that for the most part are universal to all Linux distributions.

History Lessons

Enlighten yourself with some mind blowing tales from the days of old.


Show us your elite desktop workflow, and tell us why it works for you.

Live USBs

A live usb (formally Live CD) is a bootable instance of linux written to a portable media like a usb flash drive (sometimes referred to as a pendrive). Here are some tips and tricks.

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